Why WordPress is Best CMS for Startups?

Why WordPress is Best CMS for Startups?

WordPress being most popular content management system is consistently adding value through its features since 2003. A highly-functional website or blog is easy to create for a non-techie too as it does not demand advanced coding skills. The interface has everything explained which is very easy to understand. Within an hour, most people will feel comfortable with the WordPress admin area, adding posts, and uploading images.

Being a startup owner, you are likely to face few difficulties in developing a website. Sometimes you can be running short of time due to other commitments. Or you can be running out of the budget and resource. In this situation, WordPress is like a best friend to you which demands less time and bring an amazing website with a lot of free stuff.

There are other benefits too which can save time and effort in developing a WordPress website especially if you are startup owner.

Big ROI for Small Biz

Surviving in 21st business competition is just too difficult. If you just can’t stay ahead of your competitors; your business will be piled up with difficulties without displaying any of your business potentials. With help of digital marketing, business owners can reach directly to their targeted consumers which exceptionally increase the conversion rates. Even digital marketing is way more cost-efficient compared to traditional marketing processes. Research proves the investment in digital marketing is just near to 25 percent of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns that business owners mostly choose to invest. Digital marketing easily enables real-time customer service on the global market basis to generate greater revenues, get more business leads, better customer retention, quality customer satisfaction, and excellent business branding.

1. Open Source Customization

Each brand has their own story and it needs to get reflected in website through right themes. The best thing about WordPress is its vast number of themes and plugins. It has a great storage of 30,000 free plugins available, with as many as 3,000+ free themes available. This helps you to make a website without hiring any developer.

2. Quick One-Page Site

At initial stage, Startups are all about launching an idea or a product using online platform. So generally, a startup will opt for a single-page type of website which is easy to scroll down and convey everything about a scope in single page. And for such type of website, WordPress works best when it comes to produce such one-page and the multi-purpose themes add greater value to the functionalities drastically.

3. Assured Quality Codes

WordPress themes available in the market is coded by efficient developers who have hands on experience with modern languages HTML5, CSS3 and others. Startups can assure about being away from the traditional languages as there would be rare case where modern theme developed is developed old school programming style. If startups want to add more features and functionality at later stage this can be most beneficial as the development process can move ahead without any difficulty.

4. Optimized Website

As we know, WordPress is totally free to download. Also, nowadays most major web hosting providers have cut off this process by offering a one-click installation. Yes, you can just sign up for hosting and at a click you can start there and there in the browser. No other technology like PHP or another open source is required. The visual rich text editor in WordPress allows to format the content using bold and underline, hyperlink, add heading tags and upload images. The content that you add gets easily crawled by search engine spiders.

5. Email Management

To go into the market with your product or services, email marketing is one of the major activity you would be focusing on. WordPress is one of the top choices for great email management plugins and extensions which would allow you to interact with your customers at ease. You can select design or framing that resonates your brand to give a positive effect on readers.

Now, as a startup you are well aware about what WordPress can bring you. Start developing a website at your own saving the most valuable assets your time and money.

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