We offer focused and converged services to help your business register exponential growth by optimizing cost, mitigating vulnerabilities and strategically managing complexities. Our partnered services are geared towards leveraging the potential of our resources and your infrastructure to optimally accelerate the pace of your business.

Cloud driven services

  • Hosting of your organization services over the Internet
  • Capitalizing of contemporary breakthroughs in digitalization and virtualization to optimally leverage the potential of distributed computing
  • Ensure uninterrupted and speedy access to internet to facilitate round the clock access to critical data

ERP Services

  • Consultancy to help you accomplish your organizational goals by converting and integrating conventional data into contemporary and robust ERP systems for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Streamlined integration of external and internal management information system across the length and breadth of your organization and interfacing the same with all critical processes encompassing production, accounting and finance

Analytical Services

  • Repetitive and methodical exploration of data with focus on statistical and actuarial analysis
  • State of the art tools for deriving insights into critical processes and functions
  • Sophisticated and insightful high precision business reporting to enable you to analyse the efficacy of services at multiple organizational levels
  • Installation of contemporary, face paced and cost efficient solutions
  • Developing an optimally performing environment and business culture
  • Staging of data from heterogeneous sources
  • Source system release and IT environment re-organization
  • Cutting edge tools for carrying out What-If and other analyses
  • Provision for accessing of data without relying on the source
  • Data analysis for a given period of time
  • Storage of master and historical data
  • Offering of valuable insights into big data to facilitate critical business decision and for automating and optimizing essential organizational processes
  • Leveraging of the corporate data for gaining needful competitive advantage
  • Standardizing, structuring and presenting of master data
  • Organization of the entire array of relevant company wide information in a manner to allow for easy access from single point source
  • Development of predictive, proactive, pre-emptive, prescriptive and reactive analytics

Our partnered services are oriented towards capturing, processing, storing, and visualizing data to build new insights for accomplishing your business objectives in realistic and cost-effective manner.

Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for Web & Mobile App Development by 360+ Clients.

Big Data partnered services

  • Structuring of data based on its volume, diversity and complexity
  • Analyses of streaming, structured, and unstructured data
  • Offering tangible, perceivable, actionable visualizations to develop pre-emptive, proactive, and reactive strategies and tactics
  • Creating of comprehensive data management ecosystem by harnessing the potential of tools such as MySql, Flume etc.
  • Offering unparalleled and sustained high performance through embedding concurrent processing capabilities
  • Procuring, processing, storing, analysing and visualizing data feeds that come in structured, semi-structured or unstructured manner
  • Developing of strategic constructs for the purpose of connecting ERP data with Big Data
  • Reinforcing the decision making model for efficient processing of external, crucial, strategic business inputs
  • Helping leaders make enterprise wide decisions by bolstering technological support and insightful analysis

Our partnered services are managed by an efficient team of seasoned professionals with considerable experience in this domain. Reach us now to get a no obligation attached free estimate.

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