Android App Development

Android powered smartphones have the largest penetration among people on this planet. The immense business potential you can leverage by developing Android apps is unparalleled. We assist you in tapping into the mammoth marketplace with engaging and cutting edge Android apps.

Our certified developers work with most contemporary frameworks to create state-of-the-art apps.

Corona SDK

  • Elegant API that allows easy integration of complex features
  • Workflow dashboard makes changes apparent instantly
  • Underpinned by Lua scripting language
  • Excellent for rich mobile games
  • Native UI support, built in engine


  • Adobe sponsored
  • Perfect for HTML5, CSS and JavaScript based app development
  • Amazing libraries and CLI functions
  • Cordova WebView which facilitates integration of discrete Phonegap codes in larger apps


  • Facility of writing the code in C# and deploying the same in Android environment
  • Perfect for compelling and engaging app and game development
  • Apps functioning can be tested for in cloud

Sencha Touch 2

  • Ideal for developing and managing secure business apps
  • Apps can be run on cross platforms
  • JavaScript and HTML5 framework with integrated MVC system, inbuilt components and workflow management capability
  • Native package allows direct publishing of app on Google Play


  • More than 2 billion apps developed and deployed worldwide using this framework
  • Titanium SDK utilises JavaScript programming language to build apps assuring powerful performances

JQuery Mobile

  • Touch optimized, lightweight HTML5 framework developed in JQuery
  • Features include progressive enhancement, markup, and themable designs
  • Great for building of responsive apps operable on multiple platforms


  • OOP programming language similar to Visual Basic


  • Clear MVC design for performance optimization and app scalability

Dojo Mobile

  • HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework
  • Swift development of mobile apps for android
  • Provision of set of forms, MVC controller, and captivating themes for ease of application designing


  • HTML5 framework with simple drag and drop and codeless interface
  • Direct publishing of apps on Google Play allowed
  • Integration of social networking features


  • AJAX and JavaScript libraries
  • Inbuilt user interface widgets
  • Building of HTML5 apps

Mo Sync SDK

  • Framework supporting HTML5, JavaScript, C++ on maximum nine different platforms
  • Compatible with PhoneGap
  • MoSync Reload simulator

Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for Web & Mobile App Development by 360+ Clients.

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We’re eager to work with you. Please share your project goals and contact information. We'll respond to you within 24 hours. Really!