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Career & Culture

We aspire to have a thriving professional culture within our development centre. With this is perspective, we offer lucrative career opportunities to young, deserving and skilful candidates with a flair for strategic application designing and development. This is in line with our commitment to provide superlative and sustained performance to clients and to raise our bar consistently.

Driving Creativity

We lay supreme emphasis on selecting the right talent to drive a wave of innovation in all our services. Our selection process incorporates the complete gamut of contemporary and scientifically devised skill mapping tests that facilitate selection of the best candidates with an aptitude for creative functioning.

Hiring Process

We handpick proficient professionals to stay relevant in our solution development process. Contemporary and proven techniques are resorted to for streamlining the selection.

Technical Scrutiny

A panel of technical veterans assess the candidate’s depth of knowledge, command over the intricacies of software and hardware (as needed), analytical prowess, problem solving aptitude and decision making capability in real time. Based on the outcome, potential candidates are shortlisted for the next round.

Pragmatic Skill Testing

Candidates’ skills are practically tested by giving them real life scenarios to strategize on and devise solutions to best complement the needs of the clients. The efficacy of the outcome is ascertained based on the time taken to solve the problems, tactical application of theoretical know-how, strategic depth in code designing and attention to details.

Vibrant Culture

Our dynamic culture essentially is pivoted around unlocking the inherent potential of our professionals optimally. This is inspired by our zeal to offer our clients’ the unique edge that would help them ensconce in a stiffly competitive marketing landscape and make bold statements of their professional commitment.

We drive the passion in our professionals by giving them unbridled liberty to experiment with contemporary solution development frameworks and blend the same with their spunky flight of imagination.

We are customer centric in the strictest sense of the word. We conduct brainstorming sessions with our clients to map their exact requirements and suggest solutions that would perfectly align with their organizational priorities. Our professionals intuitively ascertain the best solution and accordingly work on it to surpass expectations of our clients and reduce the turnaround time.

HR Screening

Our HR team conducts personal interviews of aspiring candidates to discern the level of their commitment, passion, and customer-orientation. This guarantees that only self-motivated, prudent, and knowledge driven candidates find place in our rolls.

Personality Effectiveness Mapping

Chosen candidates are then exposed to a series of situations wherein presence of mind, split second decision making and tactical handling of processes are required. This test convinces us of the versatility of the candidate who are then deputed to serve our esteemed clients in the most fulfilling manner.

Culture prevalent in our development centre motivates each of us to continue explore newer avenues to serve clients optimally and offer them an incredible experience, tailor made to suit the individual needs. We persistently chase excellence in all our pursuits.

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We’re eager to work with you. Please share your project goals and contact information. We'll respond to you within 24 hours. Really!